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Gelomyrtol Forte 2x20 Capsules

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LOYON® gently removes dead skin, flakes and plaques in those who suffer from dandruff and related skin conditions, such as psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and cradle cap. Thanks to its innovative, purely physical mechanism of action, LOYON® can be used even on sensitive skin and is suitable for pregnant women, infants and older patients. Herbal products first triggered the interest of clinicians in the 1990s, and there has been a drive to perform further studies on them ever since [ 5]. Until the 1990s, evidence for the use of herbal products in acute rhinosinusitis remained largely anecdotal. However, in the past 20 years, randomized controlled trials in rhinosinusitis have been performed with a number of herbal products [ 6, 7, 8]. Stuffy head? Runny nose? Cough? When you have a respiratory infection, the nose, nasal sinuses and bronchi are often all involved. Many patients rely on plant-based drugs. Fürst R, Luong B, Thomsen J, Wittig T (July 2019). "ELOM-080 as Add-On Treatment for Respiratory Tract Diseases - A Review of Clinical Studies Conducted in China". Planta Medica. 85 (9–10): 745–754. doi: 10.1055/a-0942-1993. PMID 31167299.

GELOMYRTOL forte capsules dissolving mucus 60 pc UK GELOMYRTOL forte capsules dissolving mucus 60 pc UK

ELOM-080 is used to break up mucus and to facilitate sputum expectoration in cases of acute and chronic bronchitis as well as to break up mucus in cases of inflammations of the nasal sinuses (sinusitis). The active ingredient is administered in the form of enteric soft gelatine capsules, which, if used properly, first release the special distillate of essential oils in the small intestine. Beeh KM, Beier J, Candler H, Wittig T (November 23, 2016). "Effect of ELOM-080 on exacerbations and symptoms in COPD patients with a chronic bronchitis phenotype - a post-hoc analysis of a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial". International Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Dove Medical Press Ltd. 11: 2877–2884. doi: 10.2147/COPD.S117652. PMC 5125994. PMID 27920515. Another study compared a combination of Sinupret and Cinnabaris 3X with synthetic treatment, including antibiotics, secretolytics and sympathomimetics in patients presenting with acute sinusitis or an acute exacerbation of a chronically relapsing sinusitis [ 17]. Although treatment differences varied depending on the endpoint, differences were not clinically relevant. The study was limited by its non-randomized design and the fact that study groups were not evenly matched before treatment administration, with the authors concluding that ‘randomized trials including at least 400 patients are needed to produce valid results’. Ludwig WD, Lasek R, Adam D, Barker M, Bauer T, Dalhoff K, etal. (2013). "Atemwegsinfektionen [Airway Infections]"[Drug prescription in practice] (PDF). Arzneiverordnung in der Praxis (in German) (3rded.). Arzneimittelkommission der deutschen Ärzteschaft [Medicinal Products Committee of the German Medical Association] . Retrieved July 27, 2021. We rely on our voices every day as a matter of course. The voice is one of the most important tools we use to communicate. It expresses emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, excitement and calm. If your voice suffers from overuse, it shows the signs. Singers and others who use their voices a lot – teachers, salespeople, childcare workers and call center agents – are familiar with this issue: If your voice sounds scratchy, husky or hoarse. GeloRevoice® throat tablets offer a solution for fast-acting, long-lasting relief from symptoms such as scratchy throat, urge to cough and hoarseness.

Gelo – strength for the respiratory tract

Anti-inflammatory actions: Inflammations of the airways as in acute and chronic bronchitis, rhinosinusitis or in bronchial asthma are caused by various inflammatory cells and neurotransmitters ( inflammation mediators). In preclinical studies, ELOM-080 has led to reduced production of inflammation mediators in inflammatory cells. Among other effects, ELOM-080 inhibits 5-lipoxygenase, a key enzyme in the inflammation cascade, as well as formation of tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNFα). Beyond this, it has been possible to show that ELOM-080 inhibits the pro-inflammatory cytokines interleukin-6 and interleukin-8 as well as reduces the granulocyte-monocyte colony stimulating factor (GM-CSF). [21] [24] [25] In a mouse model for acute lung injury (ALI), ELOM-080 reduced LPS-induced lung injury, among other actions by inhibiting the neutrophil count, IL-6 and myeloperoxidase (MPO) activity. In addition, ELOM-080 inhibited the LPS-induced activation of the inflammation-promoting transcription factor NF-κB. [26] Yu PJ, Wan LM, Wan SH, Chen WY, Xie H, Meng DM, etal. (December 2016). "Standardized myrtol attenuates lipopolysaccharide induced acute lung injury in mice". Pharmaceutical Biology. Taylor & Francis, Informa Healthcare. 54 (12): 3211–3216. doi: 10.1080/13880209.2016.1216132. PMID 27569254. S2CID 40769496.

GELOMYRTOL FORTE – Beauty products, Est. 1988 London, UK

A cold is always bothersome – but hardly a year goes by when you don’t catch one here or there. Colds often come on at the worst possible time, too – perhaps you have an important meeting at work, or upcoming obligations in your everyday life. For many people, taking time off to nurse a cold is out of the question – they need to stay up and running through the day. Pohl-Boskamp has a solution for these situations.Thomas Wittig: GeloMyrtol forte standardised – A clinical documentation. 4th edition, 2005, Ergebnisse-Verlag, ISBN 978-3-87916-067-9

based management of acute rhinosinusitis with herbal Evidence-based management of acute rhinosinusitis with herbal

Volker Schulz, Rudolf Hänsel, Mark Blumenthal, V. E. Tyler: Rational Phytotherapy. 5th ed., Springer, 2004, ISBN 978-3-540-40832-1, pp.207–208; 5th German edition, 2004, ISBN 3-540-00983-3, pp.222–223. GeloMyrtol forte kapsule uzeti pola sata pre jela uz dosta hladne tečnosti. Za ugodan san, poslednja doza se uzima pre spavanja. Dužina terapije zavisi od simptoma. U slučaju hroničnih respiratornih bolesti, može se koristiti kao terapija održavanja.In a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study with 246 patients with chronic bronchitis, the long-term treatment over 6 months with ELOM-080 was investigated in comparison with placebo. In the process, ELOM-080 proved to be superior to placebo as regards effect: The intensity and frequency of acute deteriorations (exacerbations) of the chronic bronchitis were reduced statistically significantly and to a relevant extent with ELOM-080. By virtue of the treatment, an exacerbation peak that is typical of the season for the placebo group between the 2nd and 4th treatment month (usually December to February) did not occur in the ELOM-080 group. [35] [36] The quality of life of the patients, assessed according to their general condition and their impairment by coughing and sputum expectoration, was statistically significantly improved by the therapy with ELOM-080. Moreover, the need for antibiotics was clearly reduced under ELOM-080 in comparison with the sham treatment. In the process, ELOM-080 proved just as tolerable as placebo. The study has been considered by the Cochrane Airways Group in their annual review of the theme of mucolytics vs. placebo in chronic bronchitis and COPD. [37] ELOM-080 is a phytotherapeutic extract (distillate) consisting mainly of three monoterpenes: (+)-α-pinene, d-limonene, and eucalyptol (not be confused with Eucalyptus oil). [6] Pomoćne supstance koje ulaze u sastav kapsule su: želatin; glicerol 85%; sorbitol, tečni (nekristal- išući); hipromeloza-ftalat; dibutilftalat; hlorovodonična kiselina The human skin is our largest sensory organ, performing various important functions. Among other things, it protects us from germs, heat, cold, sunlight and harmful substances. In conditions such as psoriasis, the skin’s natural renewal process is impeded. Excessive flaking and scaling occur, with unpleasant related symptoms. Our product offers an innovative solution for gentle removal of flakes and scales.

GeloMyrtol forte • Keep the airways free with the power of GeloMyrtol forte • Keep the airways free with the power of

The overuse of antibiotics for unjustified indications such as the management of acute uncomplicated rhinosinusitis has contributed to the emergence of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria and prompted the need for alternative treatments. This review assesses the quality of evidence for the management of acute rhinosinusitis with herbal products, with the goal of positioning them among other treatments and identifying future research directions. The MEDLINE database was searched for randomized controlled trials with Sinupret®, Pelargonium sidoides extract, Cyclamen europaeum (CE), cineole, and GeloMyrtol®. Searches with N-acetylcysteine and mometasone furoate nasal spray (MFNS) were performed to compare the strength of evidence of herbal products to these conventional products, which are indicated for acute rhinosinusitis. Main body


The mucous membrane of the upper and lower respiratory tract forms a common unit. That is why the nose, sinuses and bronchi are often affected by a respiratory infection at the same time. GeloMyrtol ® forte has a comprehensive effect on both the upper and lower respiratory tract: for symptoms such as coughing, runny nose and pressure headache. There are no concerns about long-term use. GeloMyrtol ® forte is also used successfully for chronic bronchitis and sinusitis. In decades of therapeutic use in clinics and practices, it has proven to be very well tolerated and effective. Many patients with chronic sinusitis or chronic bronchitis have had very good experiences with the permanent use of GeloMyrtol ® forte over the years. In patients with chronic bronchitis, it was possible to show in a large clinical study over 6 months that the administration of GeloMyrtol ® forte, the intensity and frequency of acute infections could be significantly reduced over the winter months. * On the basis of the scientific literature, 4 professional medical societies recommend the use of ELOM-080 for treatment of sinusitis [16] [41] and coughing. [42] [43] Trade names [ edit ] Cough and sputum are typical signs of bronchitis. This is considered chronic if symptoms persist on most days for at least three months per year for two consecutive years. If the infection has already spread, the herbal active ingredient loosens the mucus in the upper and lower airways. With GeloMyrtol forte ® you can breathe freely again noticeably.

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