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The CAP Clinic: Baby Training For All: An ABDL/Hypnosis Story

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Effects outside the subject's control would be harder to achieve hypnotically. Subjective effects, such as feeling safe or helpless, are easier than objective effects, such as ESP. Suggestions within the realm of conscious control are easier than ones that involve reflexive or autonomic control. For example, hypnotically manipulating the outer sphincter (the one controlled by our mind) is easier than the inner sphincter, which is reflexively controlled ('with a mind of its own.'). Finally, positive effects are easier than negative ones. Believing that one has no control is in many ways like not having control. Since many ABDLs would be trying hypnosis as a way to give up urinary and other forms of control, this would work to their advantage. Hypnosis might not need to remove capabilities, just make the ABDL believe that he or she can't use them. Finding safety in the familiar. You might have had some experiences or objects that gave you a strong sense of safety, like the experience of being diapered up and being wrapped in a blanket. Maybe the feeling of being cradled – still deep in your mind gives you safety. Of course a good ABDL Mommy will not give a spanking just because, she will spank her little one (the adult baby) because there is a reason. For instance: While I am diapered, I want to wet and mess the diaper 2023-06-17T05:57:22Z Comment by User 258769659

Hypnosis for ABDLs - Infantilism Hypnosis for ABDLs - Infantilism

Being able to loss control of your bladder is generally easier, with or without hypnosis. With time, the less you hold in your bladder, the less control of it you have. You can un-train these muscles if you focus on it every day. The main obstacle is that most people hold in their bladder muscles automatically. Hypnosis really helps with this, helping you learn to release your bladder as soon as it’s full. The post hypnotic effects will remind your body to wet your diaper automatically, unconsciously. Eventually you re-train your body to no longer hold in your bladder muscles and to simply let them relax. This is one of the core goals in my Permanent Loss of Bladder Control Mp3 files. You can read about Permanent Loss of Bladder Control part 1, part 2 and part 3. In my hypnosis, my voice guides you into a specific direction, and you follow along, like watching a bubble float through the air. With each second that you follow the bubble, your other thoughts float away. Your mind focuses only on the ideas I tell you about – bed wetting, becoming incontinent in your diaper, or a wetting fantasy scenario. Then you find yourself living the fantasy, and following the guidance. You start to believe in a new version of yourself when in this guided trance. Hypnosis guides you away from other thoughts and towards something else. Doing what you want can be hard Similar to meditation and inspirational speech – hypnosis can guide you to accept, change, or believe something. Not everyone likes mediation, and not everyone likes hypnosis. However, for some people it can be the guidance that helps them move forward. Social rules are just ideas that a large group of people have agreed to. And social rules are different in different countries. If you talk to most people about what they’re interested in, everyone has something they know would be considered a little weird. You’re not alone here, everyone is somewhat outside of social rules. There is no shame in being an adult baby or a diaper lover! Everyone is different! The subject's expectation that the drug will make him or her better causes some to get better. Desires and expectations unconsciously affect perceptions, behaviors, etc. About a quarter to a half of patients are affected, to varying degrees.

If you have a Mommy or someone who encourages your little side, you can ask for encouragement to wet your pants. I have given many littles and babies encouragement to pee themselves. It can help to have a voice of guidance remind you that inside you are a pants wetter. ABDL and Wetting forums like omorashi.org are also great for getting encouragement from others. Then you can report to Mommy or to someone else to tell them about the experience. If you want this encouragement from me consider become a patron on my patreon, since this is my main way of communicating with littles. Halloween is probably a time of many wetting accidents for people of all ages. Lots of people pee their pants when they’re afraid. Halloween gives so many opportunities for that. Haunted houses, scary movies, people in scary costumes jumping out at you from behind a tree. I’m sure many people have been spooked so much that they left a puddle behind in a haunted house or two. You are going to have an accident. It’s inevitable. Accept that wherever you are going, you will make a puddle on the ground. If wetting your pants makes you feel little, accept this too. Maybe you have come close to having accidents in public already… but this time is the real deal.

Hypnosis : r/ABDL - Reddit Hypnosis : r/ABDL - Reddit

ABDL regression hypnosis can be a way to re-experience childhood. This is not the only reason people enjoy ABDL hypnosis. For some people it is a sexual kink or a type of age-play. For others it’s a feeling of safety, care and helplessness that has no kink component. Other enjoy ABDL hypnosis as a way to work through something from the past. All of these are valid reasons to enjoy ABDL Hypnosis. Hypnosis generally won't give instant, movie-like mind control. When deciding whether or not to try hypnosis, accept that just listening to a hypnosis file will probably be ineffective. Few are suggestible enough and enter trances easily enough for the first experience to do much of anything. Weeks of effort might be needed to achieve results, and then those results might require ongoing maintenance. After this investment, you might experience results that are limited by your suggestibility. Currently, there doesn't seem to be a reliable way to measure suggestibility, short of actually investing in hypnosis.Drink a lot of water and liquids. As you drink up feel how it is filling your bladder and feel how your bladder gets weaker and weaker. Start to tell yourself that you might not make it… get into the accident mindset. When your bladder starts to feel really full, start to potty dance. Get your body and mind into the state where you feel that you cannot stop yourself from having a bladder accident. Took me a few tries but i finally made a mess in bed lol 2022-04-09T16:58:29Z Comment by User 584438627

Hypnosis (ABDL) Hypno Training Hypnotic wear diapers Diaper Hypnosis (ABDL) Hypno Training Hypnotic wear diapers

The store with those diaper and age regression recordings will be up soon as I move them to a new platform. Alongside my hypno store, I am working on something new!Now I’m working on hypnosis files focused on permanent loss of bowel control. Bowel muscles are tighter, stiffer and less fidgety than bladder muscles, which means it takes time. For ABDL’s who want to become completely diaper dependent and completely bowel incontinent this is more of a challenge. With hypnosis, patience and training it IS possible. If you are on the path to becoming diaper dependent, you’ll find you become bladder incontinent first, before you become bowel incontinent. Practice loosening your bowel muscles when you are not in the bathroom. This re-trains your body to be ok with letting go in other settings.

Tbdl Stories - Wattpad Tbdl Stories - Wattpad

Often there is a sense that you have found something again that you have forgotten about. You re-discover a part of yourself that used to exist when you get into a nostalgic mood. Everyone has some longing for the past and for childhood. Some people want to dive deeper into their childhood. This might be one of the reasons you are drawn to ABDL hypnosis, and you may not even realize it.This has taken over my life now, im here every day because my mommy puts this on for me 2022-04-07T02:22:37Z Comment by User 841225848 Whatever the reason is, re-experiencing childhood is just one of the facets of hypnosis. It may not be the reason you enjoy it. In contrast to the calculated approach of the doctors, we have the hypnotists. As a profession, they are still trying to escape the public image of the stage performer. I messed into my diaper and wet it so full I leaked 2021-12-20T13:18:00Z Comment by James Gallagher DJ-JPG123 RADIO

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