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We'll Always Have Summer: Book 3 in the Summer I Turned Pretty Series

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I have nothing against people getting married young because I have many friends who were married young, I just didn’t like how they were getting engaged to rectify the fact that he cheated. That’s not okay. They should marry out of pure love and not desperation. If anything they should communicate about how to actually move past him cheating and to rebuild that trust and then maybe move in together to see how that dynamic works. Then they should get married. Belly has loved Conrad for a lifetime it seems, but he's kept his feelings to himself, choosing not to do anything to change their dynamic. After the summer she turns 16, they give their relationship a try, but amid family drama and Susannah passing away, Conrad pulls away and tells Belly to be with Jeremiah instead.

We’ll Always Have Summer — “Summer” Series - Plugged In We’ll Always Have Summer — “Summer” Series - Plugged In

I feel like a part of Laurel died that day when Jere announced that her seventeen-turning-eighteen year old daughter was engaged 😅. Jere and Belly talked about how Jere knew that he would never be Belly’s first love or first choice. When Jere asked if she still loved Conrad and she avoided the question by saying she loved him, I was like, that’s an answer 😅. Then she did admit it. Loved died twice that day. I could not keep up with all these tears and all this heartbreak. But Jere just seemed so defeated—like he knew he already lost—before he even walked into that room and asked Belly if she still loved Conrad. You know, I got the sense he wasn’t angry at Conrad as much because he knew Conrad loved Belly and Belly loved him, he just chose to not believe it because he thought that if he could ignore it, Belly would eventually come to love him the same way or that they could be happy. But he didn’t have all of her.Jere does deserve someone who wants to be with him and someone who will give all that love to him and not have it split between someone else. If she loved Jere, she would love him with her whole heart and no less. Throughout the second book, Belly begins to bond more with Jeremiah and they grow closer and closer. At the end of the second book, Conrad, unable to be honest about his emotions, insists that Belly should be with Jeremiah instead. Who does Belly end up with in We'll Always Have Summer? I thought I cried enough but when Conrad raced to Belly’s room where she was getting ready and asked, The summer when they were dating—when she was sixteen—Conrad did something so unexpected. He drove to Belly’s house in the middle of the night and celebrated Valentine’s Day with her. I agreed with Belly that Valentine’s Day didn’t seem like something Conrad would care much about, but he did. He set up a blanket and texted her to look out her window. SO CUTE. And then they lied under the stars and he told her all about the constellations and shooting stars and planets. Mr. Fisher was a cheating husband when Susannah was alive and an absentee father to his sons growing up. He tries to re-establish a relationship with them now that they’re in college.

We’ll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han Book Review We’ll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han Book Review

They really did need Susannah to navigate this absolutely heart-wrenching and complicated situation because she would have known what to say to Jere and Connie to help them through this situation, but they were all hurting and figuring it out together. They were all loving each other through the pain. Belly dismisses her fears as groundless until she overhears Lacie saying she slept with Jeremiah during spring break. Jeremiah admits that what she said is true, and Belly slaps him, utterly devasted by his betrayal. She tells him they’re finished.Also, I just wanted to say that I loved how Jeremiah and Conrad are people with depth and that my perspectives of them changed with this book. I absolutely love love love Jeremiah and I always will because deep down, the root of his person is a kind, funny, sweet, flirty, and caring guy. He’s the kind of guy who will treat you right, know how to make you smile when you are sad, who will always make you laugh, who will snuggle you and always be by your side no questions asked. He’s just an all around great guy and would be a great person to date. I mean, I would love to find a Jeremiah in my life, not going to lie. But as much as he’s such a sweetie, everyone has a darkness and a side that’s not so great. It honest make that person not a great person or cancels out all the good, but there is a side that is human. People are inherently two sides of good and not-so-good and when you’re in a relationship you take the good with the bad. Jeremiah did something and said somethings in this book that made me see that not-so-good part and it bothered me a lot while I read because the not-so-good moments didn’t’ feel like Jeremiah. But it was more like I didn’t want to believe that Jeremiah, our sweetie, would do those things. However, the more I pondered it, the more I realized that, yea, Jeremiah would do those things because of his personality. But when I accepted that Jeremiah wasn’t perfect, I appreciated that he wasn’t perfect—that he was human. That he wasn’t this all around great guy I thought he was because no one is a 100% perfect and we all have things we can work on, and we learned what Jeremiah’s was. Did it make me like him less? No, I just understood him more and learned to forgive him for who he was. Because marrying Jere after he cheated and broke her heart wasn’t going to fix the fact that he cheated and he broke her heart 👏🏼!!!!!

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Sometimes I wondered if we had rushed into getting married because we were both trying to pivot something to the other and maybe even to ourselves. But then I think no, we truly did love each other. We truly did have the best of intentions. It, we, just weren’t meant to be.” (pg. 287)My two great loves. I think I always knew I would be Belly Fisher one day. I just didn’t know it was going to happen like this.” (opening snippet) About From there on I set out to destroy the picture of me in his head. I quit our morning runs before he left for work, I quit the fishing trips . . . and I quite football, which I loved. . . I quit it all to spite him. Anything that made him proud of me, I took away. Not going to lie though, he wasn’t ready for marriage. Neither was Belly. But Jere needed to work on himself a bit more and mature more in the way he behaved because I felt like he was still going through his party boy phase and that he never really owned up or took responsibility because his dad paid for everything. He needed to recognize the value of a dollar and to actually work to appreciate where he was at. I think he also needed to work on settling down by figuring out himself more at how he communicated with others because he wasn’t working as a team with Belly. I think Jere’s a great guy, but yea, he was still a young kid rushing into marriage. I mean, I like Jere and I always will, but it was so hard not to be angry at his character because I really don’t condone cheaters. I absolutely do not tolerate if a person cheats and Jere was testing me. But gosh, he broke her heart and her trust. Those are two of the most painful things to break.

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At Jeremiah’s bachelor party, Conrad overhears Jeremiah’s friends teasing him about not having sex with Belly yet. The guys also mention how Jeremiah slept with Lacie during spring break, infuriating Conrad, who had assumed that his brother was faithful to Belly and would never do anything to hurt her. Belly goes wedding dress shopping with her best friend, Taylor, but feels terrible that her mother isn’t there with her for such a big moment. Jeremiah visits Laurel. He tries to persuade her to accept his and Belly’s marriage plans, but it doesn’t work. Laurel and Belly get into a fight, and Belly moves out of their house and into the Fishers’ beach house. You know, I love a good love triangle because there’s the angst, the drama, the jealously, the wonder about who the person will end up with. In most love triangles, there’s always a clear person who is endgame, and in TSITP series, I always knew who Belly would end up with (and that’s not because this was my second time around reading the series). I just knew. But what I loved about TSITP books, especially We’ll Always Have Summer was how Jenny Han made me so confused, conflicted, and combusted over Jeremiah and Conrad because I genuinely loved them both that it hurt to think about either of them being heartbroken or sad because one of them was going to end up with Belly and the other wasn’t. And it GUTTED me to even think about who Belly would choose because I grew to appreciate both boys because they brought such different storylines and perspectives that I felt a personal well within me that wanted to protect both of them. I feel like it’s the romantic in me that had so much empathy for Jeremiah and Conrad and wanted them to find love . . . but it’s hard when they loved the same girl. I know in Conrad’s letter to Belly, he mentioned how he had dinner with Jere and how it felt awkward but Steven helped ease the tension and they just watched movies and talked like old times. I really wanted Steven to have his moment to shine more in this book too. I mean, he was more in the book, but Steven deserved more 😅. I also loved how Belly cut her hair while she was in Spain and that Jere and Belly had a friendship where he was talking to her and knew about her hair cut. Go Belly—becoming a new and stronger version of herself! Susannah dies from cancer between the first two books. Before her passing, her relationship with Conrad and Jeremiah's father doesn't improve as much and we don't see her love life progressing any further.In the third and final book, We'll Always Have Summer, Belly and Jeremiah start a serious romantic relationship and go to college together. Things begin well, but at college Jeremiah cheats on Belly at a frat party and she ends things with him. Belly and Jeremiah plan to get married at Susannah's iconic beach home in Cousins in the third book. While planning, Belly finds out that Conrad has been living there. It's not long before she realises that she actually loves him. Belly and Jeremiah break up and Belly moves to Spain to study abroad. Conrad then begins writing her romantic letters. Do I still agree with how he treated Belly? No. But I forgive him for it because I now knew what he was going through. Sometimes we become the worst version of ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we’re bad people. We’re just going through a bad situation. To be honest, if Jere knew Belly so well, he should have sensed how stressed she was and stepped up 👏🏼! But he didn’t 🙃.

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