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In the post-credits scene Dane opens an old chest containing the Ebony Blade and is about to touch it when an unseen man asks him if he is really ready to do that. Buscar en mercados locales o ferias de artesanía : En algunos mercados locales o ferias de artesanía, es posible encontrar vendedores que ofrecen flores de tela, incluyendo rosas. Estos lugares suelen ser una buena opción para encontrar opciones únicas y hechas a mano. Al hacer nuestras rosas de manera 100% artesanal, aún no estando en estas ferias, Flores Eternas ANNA, puede ser también una buena opción en este caso. Hacemos envíos a toda la península. Armor Is Useless: Despite the Eternals all wearing clothes which look armored, Sprite stabs Sersi with a dagger which passes easily through Sersi's garments and injures her.

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Dane Whitman recites part of Walt Whitman's "Song of the Universal" to students at the Natural History Museum while buying time for Sersi, who's late. All Myths Are True: The myths of Ancient Greece were stories that Sprite told when the Eternals were there. In the ending, Ikaris commits suicide by flying too close (into) the sun. Flipping the Bird: When Kingo, doing an Eternals documentary, tries to interview Sprite, she annoyedly "draws" her middle finger from her coat. Self-Imposed Exile: Thena and Gilgamesh live in a remote part of Australia in the present — Thena lives in isolation to manage her Mahd Wy'ry affliction, while Gilgamesh accompanies her. Cassandra Truth: Sprite has apparently told Dane Whitman all about the Eternals and the Deviants in the past, he just never believed her before actually running into one.

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Entertainingly Wrong: Even before the events of the movie, Dane has noticed the weird stuff that surrounds Sersi but comes to the conclusion that she is a wizard, like Doctor Strange: an entirely reasonable conclusion given what his world has gone through in the last decade, especially so given Sersi's particular skillset, but still widely off the mark. He come to this conclusion despite Sprite having apparently told him all about the Eternals; he just didn't believe her. Translator Buddy: Makkari tries to strike a deal with a group of people for the Emerald Tablet and learns that not only do they not have it, but they also intend to rip her off. She signs to them explaining how she knows what they're saying (as she can sense the sounds in their verbal speech) and that she's displeased that they wasted her time. Since they can't understand her in Sign Language, Druig translates what she's saying to them in verbal speech.

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Humans Are Special: After personally witnessing humanity's capacity for growth and their willingness to rally against Thanos, Ajak became attached to the intelligent life the Eternals were supposed to sacrifice to the Celestials, and decides for the first time in millions of years of serving the Celestials to stop the Emergence. After Ikaris kills her for it, she passes the role of leader on to the similarly pro-human Sersi. The team as a whole is also associated with the color gold. Golden Tron Lines usually appear on the skin of an Eternal who is actively using their powers. Energy (like Ikaris's Eye Beams or Kingo's projectiles) and items (like Thena's melee weapons or Gilgamesh's armor) created by an Eternal's powers are also golden colored. Badass Biker: A poster of the in-universe film Shadow Warrior 3 shows Kingo's character riding a motorcycle, evoking this trope. Charlotte O'Sullivan of the Evening Standard described the film as "lavish" and "ambitious", and praised the fight sequences as "astounding, beautifully paced and crammed with detail". [135] Robert Abele of TheWrap commended the cinematography and felt "an earnestness to the operatic stakes". [136] Oliver Jones of the Observer called it "full of wonder and romance and fueled by an agenda and audacity all its own". [137] Owen Gleiberman was disappointed over Zhao's missing filmmaking style that shaped her films The Rider (2017) and Nomadland (2020) to "embrace the straight-up expository conventionality of Marvel filmmaking", but felt that the film was a "squarely fun and gratifying watch". [138] Moira Macdonald of The Seattle Times thought "it's got some pretty slow spots midfilm and it's desperately in need of a bit more wit ... what it does have is a palpable, artful mood; this is a movie full of superheroes who spend time thinking and feeling, and of special effects that aren't just zippy but often delicately elegant". [139]The wise and spiritual leader of the Eternals, who has the ability to heal and is the "bridge" between the Eternals and the Celestials. [12] Changing the character from a man in the comics allowed Hayek to lean into Ajak's femininity and make her the "mother figure" of the Eternals. [12] Hayek was initially hesitant to work with Marvel, assuming she would have a supporting or "grandmother" role. [10] It Has Been an Honor: When Kingo refuses to fight the Celestial or his fellow Eternals, Karun leaves with him, telling the others that it has been an honor to have known them. Kingo compares the Eternals to Peter Pan, with Ikaris as Peter, Sersi as Wendy, Sprite as Tinker Bell, and the others as Lost Boys. With his point being that again Tinker Bell has an unrequited crush on Peter. The Titanian Eternal Eros, brother of Thanos, appears to the remaining Eternals alongside his companion Pip the Troll and informs them that he knows a way to help their friends.

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Gemma Chan and Barry Keoghan were in talks to join the cast in August 2019. [55] [56] Chan previously portrayed Minn-Erva in Captain Marvel, but reports noted that she was potentially being looked at by Marvel to play a separate character in this film. [55] Since Minn-Erva dies in that film, Chan had felt that it was unlikely she would return to the MCU, but after working on the film she was told by Feige that the studio wanted to "make better use" of her in a future project. This led to Chan auditioning for Sersi, one of the last actresses to be considered for the role. Chan later described Sersi as the most difficult role for the film to cast. [57] Chan and Keoghan were confirmed to be cast in the film at the D23 Expo in August, in the roles of Sersi and Druig, respectively, along with Kit Harington as Dane Whitman. [58] Chan said she and Marvel Studios were surprised by how soon after Captain Marvel her new MCU role came, with both assuming that it would have been a project further in the future. [57] Harish Patel was cast at the end of August as Karun, Kingo's manager, [59] [60] and filmed his role from September 2019 until January 2020. [59] My Grandson, Myself: Kingo has been passing himself off as the great-great-grandson of a legendary Bollywood actor. The public has no idea this "family legacy" of five generations of actors is all the same guy. Kingo says repeatedly that Sprite is in love with Ikaris, though Sprite herself never confirms or denies it. Instant Runes: The Eternals' abilities manifest in golden runes of energy, with elaborate and flowing circular designs that also appear in the rest of their technology.

Goo Goo Getup: After Gilgamesh makes fun of Sprite's youth one too many times, she uses her illusions to make it look like Gilgamesh is dressed as a baby, including a bib with "Gilga-Mess" on it. It's Played for Laughs, and even the characters find it funny In-Universe. Phastos and Ajak stand in the ruins of Hiroshima, with Phastos deciding he wants nothing to do with humanity after humans used the technology he gave them to develop the atomic bomb.

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