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Dataflow Issues

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Dataflow Issues

Postby cherrylust » Mon Apr 21, 2014 5:03 pm


I'm new to the forum so currently know nobody on here but this is my last resort. Theres nothing documented for this issue that i have found yet :(

i am in the process of building my new website on a new dedicated server as a shared plan with magento was just way to slow. We had issues moving the current website over still we are not sure why the current website would not work on the new server. That was issue one.
We decided to just build a new website and get it optimized and then transfer the domain name over to the new one.

I have imported all my products and stocks with the dataflow which is what i've always used as i use the category IDs which the standard import doesnt seem to use.

I have came to export my product database using the dataflow so that i can make a few changes and use the template but i cannot export it.
The dataflow will start. it then says please wait and do not close the window. It then just hangs on this. It doesnt even start the import. No matter how long i leave it. Does anybody have any ideas on this at all?

I have cleared var cache, disabled and uninstalled modules, Removed attributes. Increased the memory limit in php.ini and nothing is working :(

Any ideas welcome! Thank you all so much.

Kind Regards,
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Re: Dataflow Issues

Postby edmondscommerce » Fri Apr 25, 2014 10:24 am

I would suggest you look at your server error logs and Magento error logs to see if there are any relevant messages in there.

For Magento logs you will need to enable logging in System->Configuration

To find your server error logs, it might be easiest to raise ticket with your hosting company to double check exactly where they are located.

On another note though, you should check out MAGMI as an alternative to using Dataflow, its much better in general, though make sure you properly secure it.
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