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new user requires help with mix & match prices discounts

PostPosted: Fri Aug 04, 2017 1:39 pm
by Gareth Humphreys
Hi all,
i've recently taken a new job, and part of my role is to look after the website, now for the most part it's fairly simple admin, apart from one problem i'm struggling to get my head around..

here's the situation:

we have products on a "mix and match" pricing structure, so we want to set up the following:

buy 10 x product "A" and receive a discount/tier
buy 5 x product "A" and 5 x product "B" and receive the same discount/tier
buy 3 x product "A", 3 x product "B" and 4 x product "C" and get the same discount, etc etc
(you get the idea, so long as they're buying lots of 10, we'll give them the same rate)

setting up the tier for an individual product is really simple, but applying the same discount across multiple products has got me scratching my head!

any help is much appreciated!!!