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Community or Enterprise - what's the deal breaker?

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Community or Enterprise - what's the deal breaker?

Postby Cmiller » Tue May 14, 2013 12:43 pm

Hi All

Just considering which version of Magento to go for, I assume if budget is an issue then you go for Community as it is free.....- But if Enterpise could be bought "just" inside the my budget which do you go for.....?

We have a clothing retail site with approx 30k simple products which I think is not huge, from what I have read on various forums funtionality that comes standard in Enterprise can be added to Community by way of extensions to give the end user a similar experience and at one off costings rather than annual subscriptions - You could do quite alot of customsing and buy quite alot of extensions for the price of Enterprise ($15k) Enterprise is backed up by Magento support but only for core code they won't be interested in fixing anything customised or effected by third party extensions. Looking at the comparison charts the retail features (Giftcards, Returns...etc) that come out of the box with Enterprise that are not on Community I don't really need either...

I understand you get full page caching which is a big deal but then developers say now there are ways of speeding up Community to replicate speeds seen using ful page caching...

So is someone of my size better off with a customised version of Community with extensions or starting our with Enterprise - is there a deal breaker or simple simple answer I'm missing...?
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Re: Community or Enterprise - what's the deal breaker?

Postby edmondscommerce » Mon May 20, 2013 3:35 pm

Enterprise edition is definitely worth considering as there are multiple benefits.

You have to remember that the Enterprise version is the one that gets the most up to date updates, you get support from Magento and if you can find a core bug and show them it (or your developers can) then ultimately they will help you find a solution to that problem as it is their product.

It is a potentially expensive option though, as a rule of thumb I would consider Enterprise if the cost would represent a maximum of 25% of your total budget.

If the cost of enterprise comes below 15% of your total budget then I would definitely regard it as your first choice.

Third party extensions are great but its much better to get as much of the solution provided by the smallest number of providers and core Magento is your best provider.
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Re: Community or Enterprise - what's the deal breaker?

Postby gentlehorizons » Mon Jun 09, 2014 9:50 am

With the scope of business that you have (over 30k simple products, which I don't consider "small"), it is best to choose Magento Enterprise edition based on data security and performance functions such as:

* Secure Payment Bridge
* Full Page Caching
* Content staging and merging
* PCI compliance

Here's some good reading about this exact same topic: ... nterprise/

Magento Enterprise has a system called "Payment Bridge", which is a stand alone platform that handles credit card processing, and which helps you achieve an easier path to PCI compliance. Last time I checked, Magento Community sites do not have Payment Bridge, and so it might require a little bit more customisation (and hassle) on your developer team to achieve PCI compliance. The real risk is having limited payment functionality!

Hopefully this helps you make this often difficult decision. ;)
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