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Magento Feed Manager: The Most Viable Option for Marketing

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Magento Feed Manager: The Most Viable Option for Marketing

Postby GoMage » Tue Feb 21, 2012 3:47 pm

Magento Feed Manager: The Most Viable Option for Marketing & Managing Your Online Store Fronts

Your web based business deserves only the best web solution. Numerous eCommerce content management software exist on the market but not many of them are good enough for you when it comes to dealing with the most common problems of online store. If you are looking for how to attract more customers to your online store fronts and increase sales by converting more visitors to paying customers, Magento is the way to go.

Why Magento is the preferred software for building web stores

There are many reasons why successful online store owners chose Magento and the following are notable:
    Magento is open source software with features that allows improvements and advancement when it generates Magento feed. The Magento hosting server accepts feedbacks - through Magento Feed Manager - on its uses and problems encountered as well as suggestions from the community of Magento users and developers. All the suggestions and reports provided by Magento Feed are continually being integrated towards improving and upgrading the software which in turn ensures you make huge profit for your investment in Magento, dollar for dollar.
    Magento assures you of improved traffic through effective product promotion, enhanced search engine optimization and better ads. Traffic is always very important for any web based business. The more traffic you are able to attract to your online storefront, the better the chances of a greater rate of conversion and the more the sales, the more your profits. Magento provides your online store with more product visibility through improved search engine optimization. Also, Magento gives your web store a top ranking in search engine reports and enables free traffic. It provides your visitors with a guided tour of your web store through efficient catalog browsing which in itself improves customer satisfaction and it is the best form of advertisement. Word of mouth or personal referral is the cheapest form of advertisements any online retailer should crave for.

Magento Feed Manager help retailers sell more online through different channels such as comparison shopping, paid search, and at marketplaces. GoMage Feed Pro export Magento feed and it helps online merchants worldwide distributesdetail information about their products from their online stores through automation to search engines and other websites that collect and display information about products. Such websites and search engines include the eBay, Yahoo! Store, Google Base, ChannelAdvisor, and

Features and Functionalities of Magento Feed Manager

Magento Feed Manager offers a lot of features. It offers a vast array of functionalitiesand details about your products through a wider market channel and, hence, help you create a large pool of potential customers and a wider customer base. It makes it easier for you to market your online products on a wider scale and also help you manage the expected large customer base. GoMage Feed Pro is particularly very useful in helping online retailers submit Magento feed to different search engines in different geographical areas if your online store is optimized for different regions and countries.

With Magento Feed Manager, online retailers will be able to manage feeds properly while it also helps them to upload RSS feeds effectively. In addition, with Magento Feed Manager such as the GoMage Feed Pro, you will find it easier to manage your eCommerce orders. Your online customers also benefit from Magento Feed Manager in a whole lot of ways as it will help them to view their account history, provide them with the facility needed to re-order any products they had orderedand bought previously, create a separate list of orders and edit orderswhere necessary among many other benefits.

In a nutshell, GoMage Feed Pro provides you with the following key features and functionalities:
    It enables you to have unlimited number of feeds on your store front.
    It enables you to export Magento Feed with information about your productsto major search engines.
    It enables you to submit Magento Feed with different product information and prices to different search engines and websites.
    It enables you to have permanent URL for search engine purposes.
    You will be able to upload Magento Feed with your product data files through FTP by automation using business ethical rules.
    It enables you to upload Magento Feed with images, product categories and sub-categories. It will also help you resize images already uploaded where necessary.
    It enables you to movearound slow servers by deploying File Creation Settings.

Click here for more information and to see Live Demo version of GoMage Feed Pro:

If you are looking to make your online store fronts benefit from Magento Feed Manager, you will need to set up and configure your online stores with websites and search engines such as the eBay, Yahoo! Store, Google Base, ChannelAdvisor, and through integration. You willalso need to upload Magento feedfrom your online store toMagento Google Base, Magento eBay, Magento Amazon, and the ChannelAdvisor which Magento platform does for Magento users as an added value through automation.

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Re: Magento Feed Manager: The Most Viable Option for Marketi

Postby stevensagaar » Tue Feb 26, 2019 12:48 am

The following link could be useful to the topic as well especially when you are using Magento 2 -: ... nager.html
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