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How to Create Dependent Custom Options in Magento

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How to Create Dependent Custom Options in Magento

Postby ITORIS » Mon Mar 06, 2017 4:20 pm

If you are running a store, you might get into situation when you need to create dependent custom options, for instance, to apply custom design to products, or hide unnecessary options. Default Magento won't allow that. The Dynamic Product Options extension for Magento 2 includes dependent custom options, when one option or multiple options depend at the same time. Such options will help to make products visible or hidden if a specific choice is selected.
For instance, you have 2 dropdowns: A (visible) and B (hidden). You want to make B visible only if a specific choice is selected in dropdown A. In more complex cases a field can depend on several fields at the same time, e.g. C is visible for a specific selection in both A and B. There can be unlimited number of dependent fields in a chain, i.e. A -> B -> C -> D, each next field appears only if a certain choice is selected in the previous dropdown, etc. The same way you manage visibility of a section, i.e. the whole section with all fields in it is visible based on the previous selection.
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