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Postby wood1e » Tue Jul 05, 2016 11:22 am


I am looking for a module that can handle resellers. The requirements are

1) Set discount for resellers
2) Resellers get a public page to advertise themselves. And update the contents of that profile page
3) As owners of the site we would like to produce 'help pages' or 'information pages' that only the resellers can view

Now I know I can

Create a Group called resellers and they would be able to view the prices with a discount once they are logged in. And buy at that price.

Then the profile pages, I can create through CMS. And they are viewable to the public so that is ok, but that means I have to update, rather than getting the reseller to up date?! So not ideal.

Then I presume there is a small extension somewhere, where I can set pages viewable buy customer group?

That is why I am looking for an extension as there may be more functionality in that module.

Many thanks in advance
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