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How to set up multiple shipping options and prices

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How to set up multiple shipping options and prices

Postby » Tue May 10, 2016 1:45 pm

We are a manufacturer looking at producing an ecommerce site for our trade customers using magento. However our agency is struggling to figure out if the basic system can incorporate our needs. They have suggest the ShipperHQ plugin but ideally we don’t want an additional monthly cost so we would like to know if there is another way around it. Below are the factors that are influencing this issue:

• We use different price bands depending on the qty ordered and the prices are for individual pieces
• Our quantities are based on box quantities rather than individual pieces
• We also have different delivery zones across the UK, Europe and the US which means the delivery price is determined by the postcode
• Depending on the amount of boxes ordered it will change also the cost of the delivery i.e. either courier or pallet service

Based on these requirements is there a way the basic system can accommodate it?
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