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Magento structure

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Magento structure

Postby Ted » Mon Oct 03, 2011 11:52 am

Hi everyone,
I'm sorry if this is the wrong place for my question but here goes.
We are a magento site, of course, version what I would like to know is the structure of magento where our pages are kept. The reason is that we are looking to use various themes on the site over the year, like xmas, easter, winter & summer sales etc.. We have been advised that is not possible as the original development was not standard. I would like to understand where the various pages are kept within the magento structure. objective to understand how it work and to test various scenarios. We have a full test system available to play with. I was in IT for over 30 years, unfortunatly on Mainframes and not web related applications. I am now studying web design and coding, currently just the basics but I am very keen to understand how our oarticular site works. I own the site with my wife, we started just over a year ago.
Can any one point me in the right direction please
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Re: Magento structure

Postby edmondscommerce » Thu Oct 06, 2011 4:16 pm

Hi Ted,

Magento stores different things in different places.

[*]CMS Pages are stored in the database - this is the actual content that is output[/*]
[*]Themes (the design, also called skins or templates) affect how the pages are output[/*]

Magento is quite capable of having different themes at different times of the year, but depending on how many core modifications have been made, it may not be simple if the original developer hasn't kept display stuff to the theme.
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