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Where is the html for <blank>

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Where is the html for <blank>

Postby grok » Tue Feb 21, 2012 2:59 am

Hi, I am new to Magento and am working on my store in Dreamweaver with WAMP. So far so good, it's a fairly simple store with just 20 or so products and variation by weight (250g, 500g, 1000g, etc).

I suppose I like to see a top-down overview of where html code is stored for every spot in the system, but since I don't know if that's available, I am proceding with the strategy of just creating the functionality I need through the backend, and then using Dreamweaver to help me quickly identify the css identifier tags, and then use Windows Explorer to search the contents of the base\default\template folder for files that contain those identifiers. From there, since I am only really concerned with this point with changing how things are displayed and not adding functionality to modules, it seems straightforward to add divs and spans as needed. Does anyone see any problems with this approach? Also, are the blocks themselves mapped and described somewhere (including how/where their corresponding html files are used)? Some of them are obscure at first glance. At the moment it seems that Page and Catalog will be where I spend most of my time if I want to add non-dynamic content (?)

However when I do want to better understand the php calls, where would I go to get a definition of these calls? Is all of this explained in the 40 hr Magento Developer training course (the one which is free now)? I started trying to take it but perhaps I need to get a better handle on XML first... fwiw my experience is in EE and embedded programming in C, although I have gone through some html/css/php courses at to get me somewhat up to speed. It seems that my problem, once I start getting into actual development, will be understanding the Magento structure. Has anyone gone through that course?
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Re: Where is the html for <blank>

Postby edmondscommerce » Tue Mar 06, 2012 5:26 pm

Firstly, welcome to the magento community.

Secondly... Dreamweaver and wamp.....UGH! If only for those horrible horrible _notes folders dreamweaver insists on dropping everywhere. Much better in my opinion to get netbeans and a VM running LAMP or switching to Linux entirely and running LAMP and netbeans natively.

There's lots of information out there regarding php, magento and xml, but I would really think about using some other project to learn php on. Magento is not a "standard" php program by any stretch of the imagination.

The courses are good yes and they do indeed cover the magento structure but you would be best learning php and/or the way zend structures itself before trying to get to grips with magento.

Good luck though.
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