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M2 Dynamic Product Options-more leads & better satisfaction

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M2 Dynamic Product Options-more leads & better satisfaction

Postby itorisinc » Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:40 am

Magento 2 Custom Options is an advanced custom options extension for Magento 2. It supports dependent custom options, templates, color swatches, tier prices for options and much more. Get the best all-in-one solution available on the Market for your product options in a single extension.


Visual Interface. Plenty of settings for developers and webmasters;

Configure options for different store views separately;

Different form styles: DIV-based (one field per row), Table-based (several fields in a row), Table-based divided into sections;

Options display: on the product view, or in a popup after clicking "Configure" or "Add to Cart";

Conditional branching. Make field or a group of fields dependent;

Ability to associate options to other products. If selected the associated product's inventory will be deducted after checkout;

Image and Color Swatches with the ability to reload the Base Image;

Various validation rules;

Relative and absolute pricing, relative and absolute SKU, relative and absolute shipping weight;

Quantity for options;

Tier prices for options;

Shipping weight for options;

Ability to make fields visible for specific customer groups only;

Options Templates. Associate templates to multiple products in bulk using Mass-Actions;

Ability to clone options;

Fields: input box, text area, drop-down, multi-select, checkbox(es), radio buttons, file upload, date and time, image, HTML/DIV (embed video, description, terms and conditions, external plugins, special code, etc);

Ability to upload images for radio buttons and checkboxes;

Developer tools: set CSS classes to fields, edit styles inline, CSS and JavaScript editors integrated;

Ability to Export/Import/Backup dynamic options via a file.
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