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NEW Extension from ITORIS. Magento 2 Price Match Extension

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NEW Extension from ITORIS. Magento 2 Price Match Extension

Postby itorisinc » Sat Apr 14, 2018 10:31 am

Enable the price match request forms on product pages, lower prices to match the competitors or offer a one-time coupon using the Price Match extension for Magento 2. Customize the email templates and request forms for certain store views.


Configure the general settings globally and per store view;

Enable the request form via a popup on product pages;

Manage requests on the grid and per product from the backend.

Use three requests' resolution methods:

Reduce the product price to the requested one;

Send a one-time coupon;

Reject requests;

Customize email templates and specify the senders;

Change the link text and comments in the popup;

Define customer groups the request form is available for.
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