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Magento 2 Price Alerts Extension by ITORIS INC.

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Magento 2 Price Alerts Extension by ITORIS INC.

Postby itorisinc » Mon Jan 29, 2018 10:36 am

Send customers automatic price alerts by email once the product price is decreased. Customize the email template, track price changes, provide the unsubscribe link and manage the subscriptions using the magento 2 Price Alert Extension.


    Automated price change notification when the product price is lowered;
    Subscription is available for Customers and Guests;
    Manage customers' subscriptions in backend;
    Customer can manage subscriptions Dashboard;
    Unsubscribe link in email;
    Track price alerts on Frontend and Backend;
    Reset the first seen price to the current price;
    Display discounts if the price is decreased;
    Customize the email template and the sender email.
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