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Magento 2 Group Promotions Extension by Itoris Inc.

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Magento 2 Group Promotions Extension by Itoris Inc.

Postby itorisinc » Thu Dec 14, 2017 9:15 am

Enable custom options on grouped products in Magento with Magento 2 Group Promotions Extension . Allow grouping configurable and bundle products. Create product check lists.


Ability to group simple, virtual, configurable, and bundle products with options;

Ability for customers to configure options directly in the grouped product;

Ability to convert the grouped product into a check-list;

Ability to show/hide images of associated products;

Ability to show/hide the short description of associated products;

Color swatches supported. The main image updated is swatch options selected;

The total amount of selected products is displayed on the grouped product.
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