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GoMage LightCheckout: Magento One Page Checkout

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GoMage LightCheckout: Magento One Page Checkout

Postby GoMage » Thu Dec 25, 2014 1:13 pm

There has been a tendency over the past few years to simplify the process of making an order in online stores. Default checkout process offered by Magento includes several steps during which the customers are required to fill all their personal, address, billing and shipping information. To make this process faster and easier we have developed a Magento extension which combines all fields necessary to be filled on one page and includes all steps of the checkout process. GoMage LightCheckout extension supports a lot of most widely used payment and shipping systems from all over the world. EU VAT option allows your customers from the EU verify their VAT number using reference to VIES system and thus make orders without paying tax. GeoIP option makes it possible to fill the address data based on customer’s IP address. The extension includes a wide range of different functional and design features which make the checkout process fully customizable according to your wish and purposes. Open source code of the extension allows you modify the functionality and design with almost no limits if you are a skilled web developer.

Learn more details about GoMage LightCheckout: Magento One Page Checkout at ... ckout.html

The extension is fully compatible with the newest Magento versions CE 1.9 and EE 1.14.

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