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No 1 Shop By Brand by the Golden Partner of Magento Connect

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No 1 Shop By Brand by the Golden Partner of Magento Connect

Postby Katechun » Thu Dec 18, 2014 7:50 am

The First and Only Magento Shop by Brand extension that provides flexible featured brand showcase, most inspirational brand pages and comprehensive brand reports.

    With sliding or static blocks that can be placed anywhere on your website, Shop by Brand allows putting a spotlight on your recommended brands.
      You can also customize brand detailed pages with different block layouts and add significant information such as a banner, featured products, etc.
        Sales reports and charts let you know the brand performance in the most visual way, helping you come up with the best business strategies and tactics.

        What do shoppers usually consider about a product? In many cases, the answer is its brand. In regard of this behavior, we designed Magento Shop by Brand extension which allows you to create and show Customers a page listing all the brands alphabetically and by category. These arrangements help Customers quickly find out the brands and products they concern, thus saving much more time. Moreover, sales statistics and sales charts by brand are available to help you point out the best selling brands to improve your business. It is worth considering, isn’t it?
        HOW IT WORKS
        + Enhanced brand listing display and search

        The module creates a single page listing all brands available in your store in alphabetical order . You can choose to arrange your brands in a continuous list or group them by first character.
        With the instant search feature, Customers can simply type the brand name into the search box and the module will suggest the most relevant results via a dropdown list.
        The Brand by Category filter helps Customers find out brands having products or categories they want.

        + Flexible options to display featured brands

        Want to spotlight featured brands and grasp customers' attention? On the brand listing page, there is a dedicated Featured Brands block for that purpose. You can flexibly manage brands’ sort order and push your strategic brands first to support your specific business goals. Moreover, you can configure the block as a sliding or static list.
        The best part is that the Featured Brands block can be placed anywhere on your website using a simple embedded code.

        + Friendly look and feel for a specific brand

        Each brand detailed page will show Customers all necessary brand information such as brand name, logo, banner, description and product list.
        Customers can see all products and featured products of that brand in recommended order. They can also filter the product list by other options like price, color, etc. from the page sidebar.

        Based on business aim and customer behavior, you can put the sidebar to the right or the left, and arrange the sidebar blocks in your preferred order.

        For Customers
        View all brands of all products listed in alphabetical order
        View brands by category
        View featured brand list
        Instantly search for brands
        Access brand list from top link or main menu
        View such details of a brand as name, logo, banner, description, featured products, or bestseller products
        Filter products by shopping options like color, price, etc within a brand detailed page

        For Admin
        Import many brands at the same time by csv file (New)
        Add and manage brand information: name, logo, banner, URL key, short description and detailed description
        Use WYSIWYG for brand short and detailed description on brand edit page (New)
        Set featured brands and brand sort order
        Set featured products and product sort order for brands
        Opt to group brands by name or display in a continuous list
        Display and set block sort order on sidebar
        Insert featured brand block to any page and position with embedded code (Hot)
        Support multi-store for "featured brand" feature
        Responsive Magento Shop by Brand extension (Hot)
        Open source 100%
        License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).
        Easy to install and configure
        User-friendly interface
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